quinta-feira, 5 de agosto de 2010

for fools

If you're looking for my heart,
I'm sorry,
Here you won't find it.
My heart is way away, safe as never before.
If you decide to find the key,
I'm sorry,
Here you won't see it.
It's safe in the hands of who really needs it.
Sometimes he comes to find me,
And I can feel alive again.
If you think you can do it best,
I'm sorry,
Here your lies have no listeners.
What I know, I really do, and no one can change it, I feel, I am.
Feel it harder than you'll ever imagine.
But if you want to waste time,
Get hurt, fall behind
Go ahead, you can try.
But don't blame me if I hurt your pride.
Most of you give up faster than assume it.

I really won't be sorry at all. (:

It's in the hands of my love, and my love does it good ♪

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